Private Enterprise includes any entity engaged in for-profit economic activity regardless of its legal form (company, partnership, personal business, etc.) not listed on a Stock Exchange and not controlled by a company listed on a Stock Exchange.
The EU defines Micro Enterprises as having less than 10 employees and annual Turnovers or Total Assets of less than €2M; Small Enterprises as having less than 50 employees and annual Turnover or Total Assets of less than €10M.
>Medium Enterprises are defined by the EU as having less than 250 employees and either annual Turnover under €50M or Total Assets under €43M.

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Scope of Services: Our main business is the facilitation of Private Investment in Private Enterprise. We offer a wide range of services in-house, ranging from plain business brokerage to highly specialized advisory services for Enterprises (Sell-side) and Investors (buy-side). Professional or Regulated Services are facilitated by us through select, highly qualified associates. We make sure our clients can obtain from us, or through us, a comprehensive package of high quality services: a one-stop shop service.

Geographic Focus: Based in Cyprus, at the extremity of the European Union and where the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa meet, we are centrally located in the Region of our focus: South Eastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. We facilitate transactions within the Region, either local or cross-border, but we also facilitate inward investment from outside the Region
Size of Businesses: Our clients size range from “Main Street” (Micro-to-Small Enterprises) to “Mid-Market” (Corporate or Medium-sized Enterprises). We cover a wide range of business sizes to help our clients cross over from one sector to another - whether it’s a major Corporation seeking to acquire a chain of Main Street businesses, or a successful Main Street Business which requires funding to grow into a Regional Corporation.


BUY A BUSINESS: Our services to buyers of businesses are free.  Find out how we operate in more detail, get guidance on buying an established business and Search our database of businesses for sale here...

SELL A BUSINESS: Selling a business requires consistent and targeted effort over a long period of time.  Read on about how we can assist you achieve your business sale goals here...  


MID-MARKET: Any investor, even one with a great deal of sophistication and experience, can always benefit from local expertise: to identify targets, assist in due diligence, put a team of local experts together or monitor investments post-closing. Review samples of some of our Sell Side mandates here...

CORPORATE SERVICES : Many of our International clients choose to invest through a tax-advantaged Cyprus holding company or move their Head Office to Cyprus. We pool our investment management knowhow with select tax accountants and corporate lawyers to offer you advice on the structure...